Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Special Magnum

Special Magnum

(Strange Shadows in an Empty Room / A Special Magnum For Tony Saitta)
Sponsored by: Le Cinéclub de Montréal: “The Film Society”
Hosted by Philippe Spurrell & Renaud Gauthier
Preceded by rare exploitation trailers from the Cineclub/Film Society vaults

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“One of the most thrilling car chases ever” - Quentin Tarantino (ROLLING STONE, April 2007)


Director: Alberto DeMartino (Martin Hebert)
Screenplay: Gianfranco Clerici (Frank Clark)
Cast: Stuart Whitman, Carole Laure, Martin Landau, Jean Leclerc, Tisa Farrow, John Saxon, Gayle Hunnicut
Producers: E. & M. Amati, Robert Menard
Distributor: Cinefear


Tough Ottawa cop Tony Saitta is on the case, investigating a lurid crime scene in Montreal following the poisoning death of his sister. Much like the director of SPECIAL MAGNUM, Detective Saitta prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. Right off the bat—the shockingly violent opening bank-heist scene—our protagonist is established as a super brutal cop. We also discover just how powerful his massive gun is. This sets us up for a wild, Italian-styled exploitation crime flick. The nearly non-stop action includes the most spectacular car chase ever filmed in the streets of Montreal (without permits!) See a frantic foot chase through the metro system! See gorgeous, semi-nude Carole Laure die a horrible death! See Stuart Whitman (Saitta) fire his blazing .357 Magnum like Dirty Harry, and watch him battle three kung fu-fighting drag queens, culminating in the insertion of a hot curling iron… into a place that really hurts! This and other controversial scenes never appeared on the VHS version, and SPECIAL MAGNUM has yet to be restored on DVD. Only on genuine film prints, such as the one to be screened, can you see it in all its uncut glory.

Director DeMartino was responsible for such films as HORROR, HOLOCAUST 2000 and PUMA MAN. The impressive cast also includes Martin Landau (ED WOOD, SPACE 1999), American soap opera star Jean Leclerc of Montreal, John Saxon (BLACK CHRISTMAS, ENTER THE DRAGON), Gayle Hunnicut (DALLAS), famous local drag queen “Gilda” and Tisa Farrow (ZOMBIE, ANTHROPOPHAGUS). The spectacular stunts were supervised by France's legendary Remy Julienne, famous for his work on many James Bond films.

—Philippe Spurrell