Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Pig Hunt

World Premiere

WINNER: Public Prize, Best Occidental Film (Bronze), Ex-Aequo with MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, Fantasia Film Festival

Hosted by Director James Isaac and co-producer/co-screenwriter Robert Mailer Anderson

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Director: James Isaac
Screenplay: Robert Mailer Anderson, Zack Anderson
Cast: Travis Aaron Wade, Tina Huang, Howard Johnson Jr., Rajiv Shah, Les Claypool
Producers: James Isaac, Robert Mailer Anderson
Distributor: Pig Hunt Productions


From Jim Isaac, director of JASON X, comes whatís almost certainly the wildest American horror film of the year. Itís a killer monster pig film. Itís a psycho-hog biker film. Itís a city-dwellers-ambushed-in-redneck-hell film. Itís a hippie sex film. Baby, itís PIG HUNT! And you could just tell itís coming from the man who put Jason in space! This time, heís gone indie and worked outside the Hollywood system to create an exploitation hybrid without limits that thatís funny, tense and surprising, with one seriously cool monster pig at its centre and enough unapologetic raunch and violence to make a studio executiveís eyes bleed.

Deep country bliss turns into punishing green hell when Jack, his girlfriend and a group of buddies head out from San Francisco for a getaway weekend of pig-hunting (!) at the middle-of-nowhere ranch of his recently deceased uncle. They learn about a ravenous 3,000-pound black boar that resides in the area. Itís known as the Ripper and, well, itís a freaking 3,000-pound black boar! Before they even reach their destination, they rub a heavily armed local gang the wrong way. They arrive at the ranch and itís been vandalized. A red spray-painted message warns that ďdeath walks on all fours.Ē No matter, Jack and the gang are going pig-hunting! Another word would smash into spoiler territory, but you should know that the film evolves in radical, crazy ways and by the time the credits roll, youíll have seen a violent mash-up that crosses paths with everything from DELIVERANCE, GRIZZLY and THE ROAD WARRIOR to your favourite stoner death-cult pics! Most astonishing of all is how it takes you there, gradually treading away from the character-driven and plausible into something so outlandish and supercharged it will rocket you clean through the roof. Isaac calls it ďcinematic punkabillyĒ and we can definitely vibe with that. Watch out for an off-the-hook performance by Primusís Les Claypool, who got so into his role that he actually broke a finger during a take and kept right on going!

—Mitch Davis