Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Wicked Lake

Canadian Premiere

Hosted by Director Zach Passero

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"One of the most wickedly demented films I've seen in a while… No punches are pulled in this mofo" - Brian King, CREATURE CORNER

"A pretty damn fun film" - Johnny Butane, DREAD CENTRAL


Director: Zach Passero
Screenplay: Adam Rockoff, Chris Sivertson
Cast: Carlee Baker, Michael Esparza, Eryn Joslyn, Will Keenan, Eve Mauro
Producers: John Carchietta, Carl Morano, Chris Sivertson
Distributor: Media Blasters/Fever Dreams


If there's a message in WICKED LAKE, it might just be, "Why can't the world simply let a coven of nympho-lesbian witches rent an isolated cabin in the woods and get down to some hot four-way action?" That's right, not one but two groups of crazed serial rapists stalk our heroines to their secluded retreat. Unluckily for them, at the midnight hour, on the night of the full moon, the innocuously attractive ladies turn into flesh-craving immortals. Which begs the question, are you really immortal if it only lasts from midnight to sunup?

The creative minds behind such films as THE LOST, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME and the MASTERS OF HORROR episode "SICK GIRL" reunite to deliver yet another twisted, female-focused horror tale. Writers Chris Sivertson (THE LOST), and Adam Rockoff (GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE AND FILE OF THE SLASHER FILM) mix their highbrow and low-rent inspirations into a bubbling cauldron, to deliver a modern-day witch story. WICKED LAKE owes as much to SUSPIRIA as it does to THE CRAFT, and the rape/revenge angle recalls LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. The all-male serial killer family brings to mind the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in its manic nastiness, but is also later TEXAS CHAINSAW efforts in its unintentional humour. Oh, and there's lotsa tits! With THE WOODS, THE LOST, ALL CHEERLEADERS MUST DIE, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME and now WICKED LAKE, the gang of filmmakers orbiting Lucky McKee have collectively created a body of work that is exploitatively, but also reverently transfixed with women in the role of both victim and aggressor. Special mention should be made of Marc Senter (THE LOST), who channels an ’80s-era Crispin Glover in his portrayal of skittish art-school rapist Caleb. And speaking of the dayglo years, fans of industrial rock will enjoy the soundtrack, designed by Ministry front man Al Jourgensen.

—Andy Mauro