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Trailer Park of Terror

Canadian Premiere

Hosted by Director Steven Goldmann

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“A perfect storm of first-rate cast and crew… an over-the-top but excellent film” – Sarah Walker, FANGORIA


Director: Steven Goldmann
Screenplay: Timothy Dolan
Cast: Nichole Hiltz, Lew Temple, Hayley Marie Norman, Ryan Carnes, Priscilla Barnes
Producers: Jonathan Bogner
Distributor: Trailer Park Partners


Being stuck living in a trailer park is bad enough, but for Norma, things are much worse. She's undead in one. Being the queen of the trailer park isn't all it cracked up to be when your only company consists of zombified trailer trash. Lucky for Norma and her crew of corpses, a school bus full of Bible-camp rejects and their pastor just rolled into town…

Originally envisioned as an anthology, TRAILER PARK OF TERROR is based on the indie comic book of the same name. While the anthology concept was eventually scrapped, some of that ’80s-era feeling remains, with individual "kills" functioning to drive the minimalist story forward. The murder scenes are sadistic and gory, happily stomping over the battered remains of the MPAA left in the wake of the recent "torture porn" wave. But where TRAILER PARK OF TERROR distinguishes itself is between the death scenes with the comedic familial interactions of Norma and the rest of the undead trailer trash. There's Stank, a hulking, gangrenous butcher who likes to make possum jerky when he's not goading his victims into making homemade porn, Roach, a rotting rockabilly who likes to serenade his prey when his limbs aren't falling off, and Larlene, an overweight mumu-wearing monstrosity who's hungrier than your average zombie (which is saying a lot). And we haven't even mentioned China, the trailer park’s "masseuse," specializing in particularly unhappy endings. Ouch.

The film alternates between nasty and funny, rarely stopping to catch its wheezing pack-a-day breath. Despite the rapid pace, it's impossible not to appreciate the quality of the special effects (some of the best EC comics-inspired zombies since RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), the twangy country & western soundtrack (Trace Adkins cameos as the Devil), and the frequent and adamantly PG-13 sex interspersed with near NC-17 levels of gore. Ultimately, TRAILER PARK OF TERROR is like daytime trash TV—but with zombies. It might not be good for you, but who can resist?

—Andy Mauro