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Dance of the Dead

Sponsored by: HMV

Canadian Premiere

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“Demands to be seen with a crowd and a few beers, a total party film” - David Harley, BLOODY DISGUSTING.COM

“Equal parts hilarious, scary and bloody… a blast of an experience that you won’t forget” – Jason Whyte, EFILMCRITIC.COM


Director: Gregg Bishop
Screenplay: Joe Ballarini
Cast: Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick, Chandler Darby, Carissa Capobianco, Randy McDowell
Producers: Gregg Bishop, Ehud Bleiberg
Distributor: Ghost House/Lionsgate

Screens with...

Far Out   

Far Out

Montreal Premiere
2007 | 4 min
English language


Fast zombies? Slow zombies? How about zombies that burst out of their graves in a cloud of torn earth and hit the ground running in a frenzy of fury? That’s Director Gregg Bishop’s horror hybrid DANCE OF THE DEAD—it explodes like a shotgun blast of pure teen comedy and devastates everything in its path with a battery of torn-off limbs, bashed-in brains, severed spines and a night at the prom that makes CARRIE look like PRETTY IN PINK.

The teens that attend Cosa High School are all preoccupied with the usual—getting laid and getting ready for the big prom. Jimmy (Jared Kusnitz, OTIS) and Lindsey (Greyson Chadwick) aren’t your typical couple. He’s jaded and chill about the whole affair, but she’s indulging in the entire archetypal hullabaloo surrounding the annual ritual. The rest of the school is occupied by an assorted cast of stereotypes ripped right out of the John Hughes universe—the Science Club, the Cheerleaders, the Prom Queen, the Rock Star and the Charlie Sheen delinquent that looks like he should have graduated about a decade earlier. Together, these polar opposites must unite to save their special night from an all out undead assault of the most outrageous, most sanguine and most irrepressibly hilarious horror comedy since SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

What writer Joe Ballarini and director Gregg Bishop (THE OTHER SIDE) accomplish is the very nearly impossible—a fully functional homage that delivers the laugh-a-minute but heartfelt humour of AMERICAN PIE with the furious gore of 28 DAYS LATER. The script is tight as a noose. All of the characters are enjoyable and well acted, lead by hilariously matter-of-fact Jared Kusnitz. Straight horror? Satirical horror? When it’s this much fun, who gives a f*ck! DANCE OF THE DEAD is the best horror comedy of this or any other year!