Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Zackary Samuel : Illusionnist

Zackary Samuel : Illusionnist

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Director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
Cast: Andrew Shavers Adrianne Richards
Producers: Véronique Légaré, François Tremblay
Distributor: disk4t_diffusion

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Courts-métrages québécois 4   

Courts-métrages québécois 4


Zackary Samuel is a talented illusionist who has been avoiding people his whole life by performing disappearance tricks. He dreams of escaping completely, of becoming lost in the stars as the day of his biggest audition approaches. A chance romantic encounter the night before his big audition makes him realize he must go on with his performance, yet he is left questioning why he continuously uses disappearance acts as a mean of connecting with others.