Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Rule of Three

World Premiere

WINNER: Best Actor, Ben Siegler, Fantasia Film Festival

Hosted by Director/Co-Writer Eric Shapiro, Actor/Co-Writer Rhoda Jordan and Actor Rodney Eastman

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“As a total fan of Eric's fiction, I knew this film would at least be smart. But I still wasn't quite prepared for how f*cking good it is. I really, really loved this movie.” – John Skipp, author, THE LONG LAST CALL, ANIMALS

"Will keep you guessing until the end, when it all comes together leaving you in awe. A fantastic job in creating a low-budget modern noir that packs a punch. It looks, sounds and moves wonderfully" - Andrew van den Houten, producer, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR


Director: Eric Shapiro
Screenplay: Eric Shapiro, Rhoda Jordan
Cast: Rodney Eastman, Ben Siegler, Parry Shen, Rhoda Jordan, Lee Schall
Producers: Eric Shapiro, Rhoda Jordan
Distributor: Wildlight Entertainment


This captivating feature debut from multiple award-winning cult author Eric Shapiro (DAYS OF ALLISON) is going to throw you so far off balance you’ll have trouble getting out of your seat when the lights fade up. Taking place almost entirely in a single motel room over a trio of timelines, RULE OF THREE hits the ground running with middle-aged Jon Morrow losing himself in panic at the lack of police follow-ups in the investigation of his daughter’s disappearance. She has been missing for weeks and what few clues there may be are getting colder with every minute lost. Jon obsessively packs a gun and returns to a motel room that was the last place his daughter had been seen. She never checked out. Jon has returned to this motel many times lately, but this time he finds a mysterious unsigned note on his car. This is happening today. Weeks before now, we watch Jon’s daughter Lo and her boyfriend checking into the room. Hours before then, a jittery sweat-drenched businessman and a ruthless dope dealer are playing a very sleazy game in this same room. Timelines jump backwards and ahead, unveiling a riveting chain of events that will have you biting your nails into mangled stumps.

A character-driven Chinese box of tension, surprise and misfortune, RULE OF THREE hits home with some of the strongest, most honest screenwriting of any thriller in recent memory. Shapiro’s transition from novelist to feature filmmaker delivers on every promise with a rare and engrossing work whose qualities can perhaps best be likened to a darker PT Anderson or Steven Soderbergh. His direction is as sharp as the performances conjured from his inspired ensemble cast and his film haunts with a creeping ambiguity that many storytellers wouldn’t dare attempt. As powerful and perfected a micro-budget indie as last year’s MULBERRY STREET, RULE OF THREE marks the emergence of a major new talent that demands to be watched.

—Mitch Davis