Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Alibi Inc.

Alibi Inc.

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Director: Grégoire Bédard
Cast: Dany Papineau, Daniel Boileau, Alain-Michel Rocheleau, Guy Villeneuve
Producers: Paul St.Amand
Distributor: Grégoire Bédard

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Courts-métrages québécois DIY 2   

Courts-métrages québécois DIY 2


Clément Marceau and his friend Joël Fontaine created Alibi Inc 10 years ago. Their undercover business is offering personalized alibis to a reputable roster of clients. But one day, Clément discovers that Joël is actually using Alibi Inc. to cover a secret love relationship with one of their clients. The next day, everything will change.