Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Hunting Grounds

Montreal Premiere

WINNER: Best Original Music, Bare Bones OK

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Director: Eric Bilodeau
Screenplay: Jonathan Gagné, Eric Bilodeau
Cast: Patrice Leblanc, Patrick Baby, Marie-Eve Lemire, Émilie Gilbert-Gagnon, Luc Rivard
Producers: Eric Bilodeau
Distributor: Fictis Productions

Screens with...

2027 : Le Départ   

2027 : Le Départ

2008 | 17 min
French language


In a not too distant future, a time frighteningly close to our own, the world’s population has been restricted to walled-in cities, in the interest of preserving the surrounding wilderness from imminent catastrophe. The only ones allowed out are high-ranking politicians and corporate bigwigs, and of course their heavily militarized escorts. For ordinary folks, contact with “nature” comes only through high-tech simulators. Paul is an ace at the vivid, virtual-reality hunting games, but his heart hungers for the real thing, the chance to hunt live game in the true outdoors, as his forefathers did. A friend with a little pull in the government can arrange a furtive visit to the wild—but thanks to a top-secret experiment gone awry and other dire developments, Paul and his friends will have to put their real killing skills to far greater tests than expected!

Straight outta the Saguenay comes this ambitious and capably crafted slice of DIY sci-fi fun. With a script that weaves between English and French, HUNTING GROUNDS boldly reaches out to the world while remaining firmly planted in home soil—check out the opening sequence, a shotgun-toting habitant couple hunting werewolves in old-time Quebec! Director Eric Bilodeau and his team do a remarkable job on the green-screening and special effects, and they’ve let out word that HUNTING GROUNDS is in fact their first film of a series of four, all about hunting, all related and in chronological order.

—Rupert Bottenberg