Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Electric Fence

Electric Fence

World Premiere

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Director: Matt O'Mahoney
Screenplay: Matt O'Mahoney
Cast: Fraser Lyons, Amy Nygard, Trey Lyons, Linda Giannini
Producers: Christena Zatylny, Matt O'Mahoney
Distributor: Rabid Weasel Films

Part of...

Small Gauge Trauma 2008   

Small Gauge Trauma 2008


A man's four minutes of parking-lot pleasure are ruined when an epileptic hooker has a seizure with his rod in her mouth. He survives but his penis most definitely does not. Thankfully, they can do penis transplants these days. But what if the donor was a vile sexual predator? Newcomer Matt O'Mahoney's darkly comic film plays like Todd Solondz mixed with Douglas Buck and HG Lewis. It will shock you. Consider that a promise.

—Mitch Davis