Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Cake Countdown

Cake Countdown

Canadian Premiere

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Director: Pes
Screenplay: Pes
Producers: PES & Sarah Phelps
Distributor: Anonymous

Part of...

DJ XL5's Hellzapoppin Zappin’ Party   

DJ XL5's Hellzapoppin Zappin’ Party


Pes is one of the best animator around, period. His work can be classified as bizarre, kitsch, experimental and fun. Regular Xl5's party-goers will probably remember Pes for Roof Sex , a short film depicting chair-on-chair wild lovemaking. This time he’s back with Cake Countdown ; probably one of the most original film countdowns ever produced. Created by cutting 45 slices out of 3 cakes! Don’t even blinks or you’ll miss it for sure.

—Marc Lamothe