Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Akanbo shjo

Canadian Premiere

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Director: Ydai Yamaguchi
Screenplay: Hirotoshi Kobayashi, from Kazuo Umezu
Cast: Nako Mizusawa, Goro Noguchi, Takumi Saito, Itsuji Itao, Keisuke Horibe
Producers: Toshimichi Otsuki, Susumu Shimazawa, Shin Torisawa
Distributor: King Record Co.

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From Manga to Film   

From Manga to Film


Fifteen-year-old Yoko is at long last being reunited with her recently discovered parents. Both excited and apprehensive at the prospect of finally having a real home, the young girl cant shake a feeling of dread as she enters the family mansion. The oppressive atmosphere, the less than welcoming house servant and her clearly deranged mother do little to soothe her sense of unease. The mysterious stranger roaming the grounds is also a cause for concern to the frightened young girl, but in her father, she discovers a kind and nurturing spirit who encourages her to try to fit in. Her exploration of the house and surrounding terrain soon turns very dangerous, and it isnt long before she comes to realize the house holds a terrifying secret, one that could spell doom for everyone.

Move over Chucky, youve met your match. Based on a horror manga by Umezu Kazuo, whose twisted, subversive work would give any member of the religious right apoplectic fits. Hes the virtuoso behind the comics OROCHI and also LEFT HAND OF GOD, RIGHT HAND OF THE DEVIL, the Shusuke Kaneko adaptation of which graced Fantasia in 2006. AKANBO SHJO is a bloody horror romp complete with dark and stormy nights, evil mutant babies, creative dismemberments and nasty deathtraps. In other words, the perfect task for director Ydai Yamaguchi, familiar to Fantasia fiends for such gems as BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL, MEATBALL MACHINE and CROMATIE HIGH SCHOOL. His unique style is consistently inventive, kinetic, and ghoulishly funny, just the right thing for this twisted fairytale.

—Robert Guillemette