Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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La Antena

(The Aerial)
Sponsored by: Entreprises VideoService
WINNER: Public Prize, Most Innovative Film (Bronze), Fantasia Film Festival

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“An amazing spectacle of sight and sound” - Gary Miraz, CINEMA WITHOUT BORDERS

"A l'heure où le pouvoir de l'image imprime son empreinte indélébile sur une population toujours plus massive, ce qui nous écarte toujours plus des problèmes « réels », on notera que cette délicieuse fable philosophique arrive à point nommé" - Vincent Martini, EXCESSIF


Director: Esteban Sapir
Screenplay: Esteban Sapir
Cast: Alejandro Urdapilleta, Valeria Bertuccelli, Julieta Cardinali, Rafael Ferro
Producers: Federico Rotstein
Distributor: Pachamama Cine


The City has lost its voice. Quite literally, in fact. The residents of this nameless, retro-futuristic realm have lost their speech thanks to the insidious machinations of Mr. TV, the evil commercial giant who uses the hypnotic effect of his television programs to manipulate the general populace into buying his products. His technology is sharp, his power sure, his empire growing and growing, but more than any device, Mr. TV’s single greatest tool is the seductive power of the Voice, a beautiful woman who is the sole remaining resident of the City to retain the power to speak, and who Mr. TV blackmails into singing on television every night by promising to one day provide new eyes for her blind child. But stealing people‘s voices is not enough for Mr. TV. The scope of his business empire is never enough, no matter how large it grows. After the theft of their voices, the people of the City have communicated through silent speech—words spewing from their mouths in the form of stylized text—and now Mr. TV wants to steal their words too. The only hope of stopping Mr. TV’s plan lies with a poor electronics repairman, his young son and the Voice herself.

Get ready for a true visual treat with Argentina’s stunning LA ANTENA, a loving tribute to the futurist sci-fi of Fritz Lang with a healthy dose of modern political satire thrown in for good measure. Stunningly shot in sumptuous black and white, LA ANTENA could easily be a product of another time. It recaptures the early magic of film, the feeling that anything could be possible and that the only limits are those of the imagination. It is a film that knows newer is not always better, a film that beautifully recaptures the joy and magic of the past.

—Todd Brown