Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
The Moss

The Moss

Sponsored by: Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office (Canada)

International Premiere

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Director: Derek Kwok
Screenplay: Derek Kwok
Cast: Shawn Yue, Louis Fan, Bonnie Xian, Lui Kai Chi, Eric Tsang, Susan Shaw
Producers: Li Kuo Hsiung, Catherine Hun
Distributor: Mei Ah Entertainment Group


“Find him or I’ll find you!” That’s what Big Sister (Susan Shaw) howls with extreme wrath at Cheung (Shawn Yue) about her obese son, Fatty. Fatty was last known to have been engaging in hot, animalistic sex with a hooker in Four-Eyed Tong’s district. Now chaos has been has unleashed in the dingy neighborhood of Sum Sui Po in Hong Kong between Cheung, Lulu (a prostitute), Fa (a 13-year-old soon-to-be-prostitute), Four-Eyed Tong and Lo the Assassin. Cheung, an undercover cop who is a frequent user of escort services, meets up with Four-Eyed Tong. Waiting behind the scenes ready to strike is Lo (Louis Fan). Who hired Lo and will he get paid? What will happen to Fa, who may soon render her first transaction as a prostitute? Will Big Sister find her precious son?

After the success of THE PYE-DOG in 2007, up-and-coming director Derek Kwok reunites with some of his PYE-DOG crew to make a welcome return with his second feature, THE MOSS. Kwok, a seasoned screenwriter who’d previously worked with Wilson Yip (SPL, WHITE DRAGON), is now one of the in-demand directors in HK. THE MOSS just opened in HK in late May, and Fantasia is honoured to present the international premiere, along with the Canadian premiere of Kwok’s THE PYE-DOG. Taking place in the world of triads, moles, assassins and whores, THE MOSS is a hybrid of action and film noir that seamlessly blends in a fairy-tale subtext. With a complex plot filled with twists and turns, THE MOSS moves at an exciting speed through the ugly world of Sum Sui Po, an district rarely seen in Hong Kong cinema. Behind all the ugliness, though, lies the beauty. Longtime Fantasia fans take note, the bearded assassin is played by none other than STORY OF RICKY’s Louis Fan, making his cinematic return, and recent HK Film Award winner Susan Shaw gives another prize-calibre performance, this time as a vicious mob boss who will send chills down anybody’s spine.

—King-Wei Chu