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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Lloyd Kaufman Presents The Troma Show Varietease

Lloyd Kaufman Presents The Troma Show VarieteaseOn Friday the 13th the Fantasia Film Festival presents THE TROMA SHOW. Hosted by Troma Entertainment president, Lloyd Kaufman himself.

Full of live skits featuring Isabelle Stephen, Magenta Baribeau, Luc Bernier, Chastity Chevy, Olivier de Maisonneuve, Mélanie Flamand, Pénélope Jolicoeur, Dominique Lavergne and Andréanne Slythe, The Troma show will also feature a mix of short films from Quebec and a selection from the best of Tromadance film Festival. Also, the profesional dancer Danielle Hubbard will offer a breath taking performance. Some special surprise guests will also be part of the show.

We could describe the event by saying it will be a melting pot of, comedy, trash, exotic, fantastic and horror. A mirror image of Fantasia movie festival. Everybody will find something they like during the evening!

Among all the shorts presented on the Troma Show, you will get the chance to see the world premiere of two shorts films: Alien Atom 2 from Olivier A. Dubois and Pas Game... from director Pénélope Jolicoeur. In addition to these shorts, many animated films will satisfy your craving for the genre, such as Esbark sur la planète des pas rapports directed by Simon Lacroix (Total Crap), Galatea Party from Marjorie Chartier and Popcorn from Arianne Pelletier. From Tromadance you will see: The Dubya from director Art Kochukov, Emily from Tate English and Teenage Bikini Vampire from Devi Snively.

You'll discover not only great movies, but also fresh new talents, ready to present you fun skits on stage: dance, singing, acting... Some stuff you'll recognize easily, from cult movies to horror classics, music hits and special skits inspired by some international cultures!

Don't miss your chance to see this event, presented only one night, FRIDAY THE 13TH, in July, 10pm, salle D.B. Clarke , located on 1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest. They're ready for you!...

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