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Short Film Programs : DJ XL5 Versus Total Crap : La revanche

DJ XL5 Versus Total Crap : La revancheLast October 31st, they faced off for the first time at Club Soda, before a crowd thirsty for blood and for kitschy trash culture. The result of this titanic clash? A draw! The public has demanded it – a second round of combat! So it’s at the Fantasia Festival this summer that you can witness this merciless, ho-hold-barred rematch of doom! It’s a genuine countercultural marathon and a battle to the end between the maniacal multimedia artist XL5 and those defenders of cultural detritus, Total Crap. Prepare yourselves for a new night of insolent, unhinged, absolutely off-the-wall scratch video! While the Total Crap crew have their way with the worst of Quebecois, American and international TV, DJ XL5 will arm himself with the best in bad, bad movies, dubious French dubbings and utterly awful rock videos from his extensive personal collection! It doesn’t really matter who wins this match, because in the end, the true winner is the audience. Much like a boxing match, the battle will be broken down into three rounds – each of which, of course, is heralded by the appearance of sexy girl – under the watchful eye of a professional and impartial referee.

The programs of DJ XL5 made their debut at Fantasia and have since traveled across Canada for presentations at numerous film festivals, museums, repertory cinemas and other film-related events and locations. XL5 strings together bits and pieces from short and feature-length films, as well as much other material, in the same way a music DJ uses samples, songs and remixes to create an uninterrupted set or mix CD. The final product resembles a “culture jam,” a hilarious social critique of pop culture, television channel-surfing as a family pastime and the strange world we all live in. For their part, Total Crap, the brainchild of Simon Lacroix and Pascal Pilote, offer their homage to the most amazing creative disasters in TV and cinema. Their regular audiences know full well that their selections are so abysmally bad – and brilliantly funny – that your mental health may well be at risk. Total Crap have appeared in Montreal and Quebec City, several times to feverish packed houses, and have been profiled on Infoman and Flash. Life is a battle, and the future belongs to the mightiest!

DJ XL5 Versus Total Crap : La revanche

DJ XL5 Versus Total Crap : La revanche

Canada 2007 | 100 min
French language
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