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Road to Nod, The
Road to Nod, The

International Premiere

2006 | 100 min | video
English/german language

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Screening Times

July 11th, 2007
7:30 pm
DB Clarke Theatre

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Nine years in prison have given Parrish plenty of time to meditate on his criminal career and to devote himself to reading the Bible. Once he’s at last released, Parrish quickly sets out to reestablish ties with his former colleagues in the criminal world, and get back in the game. Unfortunately, times have changed during his absence –- dramatically. The power his gang once possessed has moved into the hands of their adversaries, who now seek to eliminate anyone who might pose a risk to their dominance of the streets. Unable to count on anyone’s help, Parrish embarks on solitary quest for a peaceful place, somewhere far from the rage and pain of men. If it is redemption he seeks, Parrish will have to take the road that leads to Nod.

The title of this film invokes the fabled land to which Cain, according to the Book of Genesis, exiled himself after taking the life of his brother Abel. It’s just one of the many Biblical references encountered in this surprising German production. While also making use of many key elements of American film noir, we’re not in familiar territory for long –- director M.A. Littler doesn’t hesitate to steer his story, underscored by a raw Delta blues soundtrack, in unexpected directions. What begins as a straightforward crime drama soon becomes an existentialist road movie recalling the films of Bela Tarr. The influence of that Hungarian filmmaker is also felt in Littler’s formal approach, making use of elegant black-and-white, in which he conjures up splendid and meticulously composed imagery. In fact, the mise en scčne is so masterful that a simple chase scene becomes a veritable feast for the eyes of the alert cinephile. With this first work of fiction from his Slowboat production house, Littler establishes himself right out of the gate as one of the most promising talents in European auteur cinema.

—Simon Laperričre (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)




Director: M.A. Littler
Screenplay: M.A. Littler
Cast: Delaney Davidson Reverend Beat-Man Chris Hughes Dominique Noiret Mischa De Haring
Producers: David Meves
Distributor: Slowboat Films

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