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Death Note: The Last Name
Death Note: The Last Name

Desu nôto: The Last Name
Sponsored by: Vision Globale
Canadian Premiere

2006 | 141 min | 35mm
Japanese language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 14th, 2007
3:35 pm
Hall Theatre
July 15th, 2007
4:20 pm
Hall Theatre

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Without missing a beat, Death Note: The Last Name picks up where its predecessor left off. Tatsuya Fujiwara, who splashed onto the Japanese genre-cinema map with his turns in the two Battle Royale movies, returns as the brainy but possibly power-mad Light Yagami. His campaign of extermination against the wicked has not been without consequences, and the careful game of cat-and-mouse using human lives as decoys has become increasingly complicated. Light recognizes that hiding in plain sight is the best tactic. He agrees to assist the task force assigned to tracking down the mysterious, messianic killer Kira –- of course, that’s Light himself – and sees in this a chance to discover the true name (and thus seal the death warrant) of the team’s enigmatic advisor, L. But L is a crafty opponent in this deadly game, and still harbours deep suspicions about Light.

A surprising turn of events –- a series of deaths for which Light can’t possibly be responsible –- helps throw L off his trail, but is also very troubling for Light. This can only mean that there is another Shinigami, another Death God than his comrade and enabler Ryuk, interfering among mortals. And this other Shinigami isn’t necessarily motivated by boredom and sneaky playfulness, as is Ryuk. The identity of the human chosen to wield the lethal power as well comes as a surprise to Light, as do further revelations about the ever more complex rules of the Death Note. And through it all, Light hurtles inexorably towards a final confrontation, a clash of brilliant and ruthless intellects, with his nemesis L.

No diminishing returns here –- the second half of Shusuke Kaneko’s amazing adaptation of the cult manga Death Note not only maintains the twisted innovation of the first (so as you can expect… expect the unexpected!), but picks up momentum as one of the most daring, original and thought-provoking works of modern pop horror-fantasy -- one that conjures up chills and tingles not with gruesome sights and abrasive sounds but with those most dangerous of devices, ideas –- progresses, piece by piece, towards a stunning and memorable resolution.

—Rupert Bottenberg






Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Screenplay: Tetsuya Oishi, from Tsugumi Oba, Takeshi Obata
Cast: Tatsuya Fujiwara Ken'ichi Matsuyama Shido Nakamura Erika Toda Takeshi Kaga
Producers: Toyoharu Fukuda, Seiji Okuda, Takahiro Sato
Distributor: NTV

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