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Canadian Premiere
star Canadian premiere hosted by Garrin Vincent (director) and Mike Budde (producer) WINNER: Award of Excellence, BERKELEY FILM FESTIVAL

2005 | 88 min | video
English language

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Screening Times

July 22nd, 2007
7:00 pm
DB Clarke Theatre

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In the wild, weird, wide-open universe of the year 2420, someone’s gotta uphold the law, and under the auspices of the United Planets of America, that task falls to an elite team of galaxy-hopping go-getters, the Starslyderz! Brash, confident Captain Johnny Taylor and his unit –- the ever-tactless King Edd, Chip the newly-emotional android, the enthusiastic alien Sergei, the dedicated Lt. Lawson, pretty Dr. Vicki and resentful draftee Jackson –- are the ones to call when something really awful happens. Something like, for instance, the President’s daughter, Princess Genevieve, getting kidnapped by the nefarious Gorgon, a faceless megalomaniac of dire intergalactic ambitions!

But something troubles Captain Taylor’s dreams –- he’s haunted by the death of his father, the original Starslyderz alpha male, betrayed to his doom by the treacherous Mortikai. And it is Mortikai and his evil ally Gorgon who now hold the Princess. But strange twists of fate will see the forces of good and evil alike -- including the diabolical, psychically-link hair-metal twins Zandor and Shandar –- imprisoned and thrown into the ring of gladiatorial combat… to the death!

Created for a mere $25,000 (and a half-decade of sweet-talking friends, loved ones and complete strangers into helping out in one way or another), Garrin Vincent’s Starslyderz is more than just an uproarious frenzy of gags and goofiness that riffs on the finest of pop culture’s dumbass delights, from Voltron to vintage video games, in the dying days of the last millennium. It’s also a triumph of good ideas, good intentions and good ol’ chutzpah over any budgetary adversity, boasting the hilarious and surprisingly inventive puppetry of Jody “Madball” Gelbert, neat-o CGI cheese and a wickedly fun musical score care of Santa Cruz, California’s own evil geniuses Estradasphere, no strangers to Montreal stages, whose cacophonous concoctions help propel the frantic foolishness on screen.

—Rupert Bottenberg

“Indescribably amazing” – Scott Beibin, LOST FILM FESTIVAL

“The greatest backyard movie ever made” - Bruce Fletcher, SAN FRANCISCO INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL


Canadian premiere hosted by Garrin Vincent (director) and Mike Budde (producer) WINNER: Award of Excellence, BERKELEY FILM FESTIVAL




Director: Garrin Vincent
Screenplay: Garrin Vincent
Cast: Christopher W. Jones Jacqueline Van Biene Johnny Holiday John Zuckermann Garrin Hajeian
Producers: Mike Budde, Michael Heilmann, John Zuckerman, Kevin Bayuk
Distributor: Mike Budde

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