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Dance Machine
Dance Machine

La Máquina de bailar
North american Premiere

2006 | 90 min | 35mm
Spanish language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 21st, 2007
9:55 pm
Hall Theatre

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Life is good for Dani and his pals. They might not have good jobs or girlfriends, but boredom’s never a problem for the boys if there’s a Dance Dance Revolution machine at a video arcade nearby. They dance so well that a crowd of spectators gathers the moments they start stomping on those arrows, and they’re the favourite clients of the arcade’s tall-tale-telling owner, Johnny (played by the great Santiago Segura, who Fantasia-philes will know and love from The Day of the Beast and the Torrente movies). But then Dani is entrusted with a creepy co-worker’s prized possession, a rare albino python, and a combo of bad judgment and worse luck has Dani scrambling to scrape up the insane sum of money needed to buy a replacement before the menacing owner returns. The only option is a DDR contest at an upcoming anime convention.

Assembling a team for the competition is easy enough, but there are plenty of other obstacles for Dani and his friends to overcome, from petty jealousies and daunting opponents to surly gangsters, treacherous conspiracies and the superstar world champion of video game dancing. Dani will need not only his fanciest footwork but also the mentorship of Johnny, who claims to be a former disco-dancing champ. Of course, Johnny also claims to have been top-secret ninja commando spy…

After his two previous films, the sci-fi Western Atolladero with Iggy Pop and the weird UFO-nut movie Platillos volantes, director Óscar Aibar comes back to Earth with the wild, off-the-wall and thoroughly lovable variant on the tournament flick, a standard of martial arts cinema. The battle here isn’t waged with fists of fury, though, but with feet of fun -- Dance Machine is bright, bouncy, Konami-approved celebration of the popular Dance Dance Revolution and its flashing lights and cheesy but ridiculously catchy tunes. We dare you to sit still and resist the toe-tapping temptation of Dance Machine!

—Rupert Bottenberg




Director: Óscar Aibar
Screenplay: Óscar Aibar
Cast: Jordi Vilches Santiago Segura Bárbara Muñoz Eduardo García José Corbacho
Producers: Juan Carlos Caro, María Luisa Gutiérrez, Santiago Segura, Teddy Villalba
Distributor: De La Planeta

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