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Aachi & Ssipak
Aachi & Ssipak

Aachi-wa ssipak
Sponsored by: Sympatico Optimax
Canadian Premiere
star WINNER: Public Prize, Bronze Fantasia, Best Animated Film, Fantasia 2007

2006 | 90 min | 35mm
Korean language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 9th, 2007
10:00 pm
Hall Theatre

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In a future that’s all too easy to imagine, the world’s familiar energy supplies have dwindled, the global economy has broken down, and cities have collapsed –- only to be rebuilt again around a daring new energy source: human feces. It has become every citizen’s duty to sit on the toilet as often –- and as productively –- as possible. Culture has evolved to celebrate moving one’s bowels as the centrality of human existence. But powerful forces have conspired to create a feedback loop of passive compliance in the citizenry. A good dump gets you a delicious (and secretly highly addictive) “juicybar” through a process monitored via anally inserted ID rings, and everybody loves good juicybar!

Everybody, including cycle-riding hooligans Aachi and Ssipak, an ugly runt and a thick-skulled brute respectively, as well as an army of stupid, shrunken blue mutants led by a dreadlocked, megalomaniac monster-messiah. Aachi and Ssipak’s disgraceful activities soon have them tangled up with the mutants, the sinister government, gangsters, a perverted pornographer who fancies himself an artistic visionary, a mad scientist, his superhuman cyborg commando cop and the sassy, brassy, sexy Beautiful, whom Ssipak, the dolt, is falling in love with.

Imagine a far raunchier Rock & Rule, only with wilder action and much more current animation razzle-dazzle -- never to mention enough twisted sex and bodily waste to make the South Park guys gag, and so much guns and gore that Sam Peckinpah would cringe –- and you’re getting somewhere near the inspired, idiot-savant delirium of Aachi & Ssipak. This first feature film from Korean animation maverick Jo Beom-jin is an exciting, rambunctious oddity in its field, given largely to exquisitely pretty and thoughtful works like Wonderful Days, Oseam and My Beautiful Girl, Mari. Note that Aachi is voiced by Ryoo Seung-bum, brother of action-flick golden boy, Ryoo Seung-wan (whose Crying Fist and Arahan, Fantasia 2005, Seung-bum starred in).

—Rupert Bottenberg

“A delightfully wicked piece of animation… politically incorrect, full of high octane action… rude, vulgar, and totally unapologetic about it” – A NUTSHELL REVIEW


WINNER: Public Prize, Bronze Fantasia, Best Animated Film, Fantasia 2007




Director: Joe Bum-jin
Screenplay: Jeong Hye-won
Cast: Ryu Seung-bum (Voice) Yim Chang-jeong (Voice) Hyun Young (Voice) Shin Hae-chul (Voice) Lee Gyu-hwa (Voice)
Producers: J Team
Distributor: Studio 2.0

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