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Ultraman Tiga Episode 37: Flowers
Ultraman Tiga Episode 37: Flowers

1997 | 24 min | video
Japanese language, English subtitles

Screening Times

July 22nd, 2007
2:00 pm
DB Clarke Theatre

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A very atypical Ultraman story -- the members of G.U.T.S. attend a traditional picnic, to appreciate the full beauty of the cherry blossom season. Unknown to them, however, there’s an alien spaceship hidden in the garden. The duel between Tiga and the alien is Japanese pop culture at its best as the their surroundings are transposed into a theatre stage with traditional Japanese music. An episode of poetic beauty, the trademark of Akio Jissoji.

—Andre Dubois


Director: Akio Jissoji
Screenplay: Akio Satsukawa
Cast: Nagano Hiroshi Takami Yoshimoto
Producers: Tsuburaya Productions
Distributor: Tsuburaya Productions

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