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Planet Of Storms
Planet Of Storms

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1961 | 83 min | 35mm
Russian language, English subtitles

Screening Times

July 8th, 2007
6:30 pm
J.A. De Seve

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The Soviet cosmonauts in PLANET OF STORMS land on the hot, uneven surface of Venus, which turns out to be a very inhospitable planet for humans but perfect for giant creatures. Besides lava flows, scary plants, dinosaurs and pterodactyls, there is a body of water, which hides evidence of previous inhabitation by intelligent, artistic beings who looked rather human. Even with the assistance of a kind and thoughtful robot, the earth creatures (male and female) are continually in danger. PLANET OF STORMS is a fascinating look at how Soviet scientists/artists thought Venus might be. Within a short time after the film's release it would become known that the planet is incapable of sustaining life.

—Chale Nafus, Director of Programming, Austin Film Society


New 35mm Print!


Director: Pavel Klushantsev
Distributor: Seagull Films

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