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Outer Limits of Animation 2007
Outer Limits of Animation 2007

2007 | 115 min

Screening Times

July 6th, 2007
5:00 pm
J.A. De Seve

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Outer Limits of Animation 2007 takes you on a singular journey whose pit stops are 16 animated shorts boasting a wide range of narrative expression and techniques. The programme opens with the hilarious In the Rough (Paul Taylor, USA), a prehistoric comedy following a rough day in the life of a Cro-Magnon man. MÍme les pigeons vont au Paradis (Samuel Tourneux) is an irreverent French comedy that pits together a crooked priest, a quick-witted man and Death himself. Straight out of South Korea comes The Chamber (Seock hyun Yu), an experimental film. Teddy (Eoin Ryan, Ireland), as it happens, is no cuddly stuffed bear, but your own worst nightmare. Shut-Eye Hotel (USA), Bill Plymptonís latest cartoon short, toys merrily with the narrative conventions of Film Noir and Cop thrillers. Fans of the Oscar-winning animator are in for another delightful encounter with his trademark twisted humour and distinctive worldview. The Ballad of Mary Slade (Robin Fuller) is an English gothic drama told from an unusual viewpoint. Oh Shit!, from Montrealer Peter Ricq, depicts an imaginary future filtered through a hyper-kinetic video clip. In Loup-Blanc (Pierre-Luc Granjon), a poetic French tale, a child befriends a gigantic wolf. Then one day, his father goes a-huntingÖDer Ostwind (Kohl Glass), using a forcefully unique visual style, depicts the rivalry between two WWI flying aces. Invertation (Nuru Rimington-Mkali), a remarkable existential animated piece, brings to life two apartments, one bathed in light and the other shrouded in darkness. Whirlpool of Terror and Tension (Lauri Warsta and Jouni Karttunen), intended as a dream-like reflection on war, is a Finnish video clip mixing rotoscope animation and archival footage, and set to music by Magyar Posse. Puppet (Patrick Smith) is the ironic tale of a man who takes a beating from the puppet heís slipped his hand into. The Runt (Andreas Hykade) is a German tale in which a child awakens to the fact that what one eats must first be killed; on tonightís menu: his pet bunny. Black Box (Jurgis Krasons), a surrealistic Lithuanian oddity, happens to be an utterly delirious and hysterical quarter of an hour. The splendid One Rat Short (Alex Weil) tells the tale of a New York rat who happens upon an automated laboratory. Finally, Finland brings us the unclassifiable For Whom the Bell Jingles in which Santa Claus is stalked by angry villagers in the aftermath of a quite unintentional mishap.


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