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Redsin Tower, The
Redsin Tower, The

Canadian Premiere
star Hosted by Director/Co-Writer FRED VOGEL

2006 | 88 min | video
English language

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Screening Times

July 18th, 2007
5:00 pm
Hall Theatre

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You are most cordially invited to an intimate party. You may expect no shortage of alcohol, loud music and good-looking girls. Please take note that the location of this particular celebration may potentially be haunted by malevolent spirits. We ask that you confirm that your last will and testament are in order, for some of you may well not return alive.

After breaking up with her boyfriend Mitch, Kim canít think of anything sheíd rather do than get together with her friends for wild night of partying in an abandoned building. Unfortunately for her, Mitch hasnít taken the split-up well, and appears to be prepared to do just about anything to make their love whole again. Gripped by murderous fury, heís out to find Kim and put an end to the fun. Matters take a twisted turn, though, when the mayhem in the material world shatters the slumber of specters who share Mitchís bloodthirst.

Director Fred Vogel may well signal a new direction in American horror cinema. In 2001, he shocked the world with August Underground, a film so disturbingly realistic that certain viewers and censors took the bait, sounding the alarm over what they believed were real murders. Vogel struck again two years later with the stunning sequel, August Undergroundís Mordum, a work of sadism unbearable for all but the most sturdy. Vogel now takes a break from his simulated snuff films with the eagerly awaited Redsin Tower, a diabolical ghost story in the time-honoured tradition.

If youíre craving a horror flick in the spirit of the great productions of the í80s, The Redsin Tower is for you! Equal parts slasher movie and atmospheric supernatural thriller, Vogelís effort echoes Lamberto Bavaís Demons and Sam Raimiís Evil Dead. Beyond simply remaining faithful to the standards heís set, with a number of particularly sanguinary scenes of carnage, Vogel displays a new facet of his talent, exploring the terrors that lurk beyond death. Itís the perfect appetizer before the arrival of August Undergroundís Penance, the conclusion of his notorious trilogy.

—Simon LaperriŤre (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

"A tasty underground horror flick that had me shocked and surprised in all the right places" - Dave Murray, ARROW IN THE HEAD


Hosted by Director/Co-Writer FRED VOGEL




Director: Fred Vogel
Screenplay: Shelby Jackson, Fred Vogel
Cast: Bethany Newell Perry Tiberio Jessica Kennedy Peter Schmidt Billy D. Martin
Producers: Fred Vogel, Jerami Cruise, Tony Simonelli
Distributor: Toetag Pictures

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