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Pieces Detached
Pieces Detached

Pièces détachées
Canadian Premiere

2006 | 25 min | 35mm
French language, English subtitles

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Paul’s managed to get himself into a real mess. He owes $50,000 to a pretty unpleasant gangster. To scrounge up the sum, he recklessly gambles what little money he does have at the casino, but luck is quite clearly not on his side. His last hope lies in an ad he reads in the newspaper -- a somewhat sketchy business is offering money for human organs. Paul figures he’s got nothing to lose, and he can function just fine with one lung. Sébastien Drouin revisits the sensibility of early Jeunet films, inviting us into a sombre world where everything depends on chance -- and however many fingers you still have.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)


Director: Sébastien Drouin
Screenplay: Sébastien Drouin
Cast: Antoine Coesens Lazaro Jean-Claude Dauphin
Producers: Pierre Buffin
Distributor: BUF

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