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Montreal Premiere

2007 | 48 min | video
English language

Screening Times

July 19th, 2007
5:00 pm
DB Clarke Theatre

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Japanese anime is the biggest thing to come out of the East since Godzilla. It's featured on clothing, television, video games and for some, has become a way of life. With the introduction of popular anime series as Pokemon and Sailor Moon, some anime fans have taken their infatuation to the extreme. They spend hours reading comic books, playing video games, making character costumes, and even attending anime conferences. This entertaining documentary examines the why’s and how’s of the teen obsession with anime and what it means for the future of pop culture. This is one club not featured in any yearbook picture.

—Felice Gorica


Director: Felice Gorica
Screenplay: Felice Gorica
Producers: Felice Gorica
Distributor: Gorica Productions

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