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Flight of the Living Dead
Flight of the Living Dead

Plane Dead
Canadian Premiere

2007 | 96 min | 35mm
English language

Screening Times

July 6th, 2007
11:20 pm
Hall Theatre

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A team of renegade scientists are escorting dangerous experimental cargo on board a half-full intercontinental commercial flight. Claiming its contents as “classified,” they are able to divert any uncomfortable questions about what exactly they are transporting -- namely, the corpse of a fellow scientist who has been injected with an untested reanimation virus. When the plane hits inclement weather, a bumpy ride becomes deadly as the makeshift sarcophagus is cracked open and the disoriented, zombified scientist makes for the nearest heartbeat. One becomes two, and soon the plane is overrun with the living dead! Back on the ground, as the CIA becomes aware of the threat posed by the cargo -- the result of experiments they themselves have commissioned and funded -- they order the plane to be shot down. The passengers on board, dwindling in number by the minute, not only have to fend off flesh-hungry zombies but also find themselves expendable targets for a government all too willing to silently sacrifice them.

Originally called Plane Dead -- before New Line picked it up and retitled it in order to more readily capitalize on its similarity to their PR phenomenon Snakes on a Plane -- Flight of the Living Deadtakes the blanks-on-a-blank concept to a new level of midnight-movie entertainment. But before you shout “derivative,” consider that Flight… succeeds where Snakes… failed: it revels in its own logical ineptness, it's gleefully overflowing with the red stuff, and has proven an audience favourite on the festival circuit for good reason. With an ensemble cast featuring genre vets Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary), Erick Avari (Heroes) and welcome comedic turns by Richard Tyson (the iconic Buddy Revell from Three O’Clock High) and Kevin J. O'Connor (a great and sorely underappreciated character actor), Flight of the Living Dead won't win any Oscars, but it may be the most fun you have in the theatre all year.

—Kier-la Janisse




Director: Scott Thomas
Screenplay: Scott Thomas, Mark Onspaugh, Sidney Iwanter
Cast: Kevin J. Connors Erick Avari David Chisum Kristen Kerr Richard Tyson
Producers: Scott Thomas, David Shoshan
Distributor: New Line Cinema

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