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World Sinks Except Japan, The
World Sinks Except Japan, The

Nihon igai zenbu chinbotsu
Sponsored by: Pepsi Canada
North american Premiere

2006 | 98 min | video
Japanese language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 22nd, 2007
7:40 pm
Hall Theatre
July 21st, 2007
5:00 pm
DB Clarke Theatre

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The year is 2011, and the planet is… f*cked. Global warming was allowed to progress unchecked until bad went to worse and each of the world’s continents sunk straight into the oceans. Every major country is now underwater, with the exception of Japan, which has miraculously withstood the biggest climate catastrophes and has now become the world’s top –- and only –- superpower. English is no longer the global language, and the diplomatic rulebook is being rewritten by the day. Problem is, as the other countries had begun to crumble, many of their wealthiest and most powerful citizens –- politicians, celebrities, business tycoons –- escaped their doomed places and took refuge in Japan, and now the country’s distinctive culture is paying the ultimate price! American superstars work as house servants for salarymen. Foreigners who don’t act sufficiently Japanese are deported at gunpoint to the outskirts of civilization. The U.S. president wanders in a drunken stupor, an ultimate fish out of water. There are over 12.5 million non-Japanese refugees… and the overwhelming majority of them are homeless. What to do?

On the heels of Herouxville, there couldn’t be a better time to unveil this hysterically scathing evisceration of global superpowers, national pride and governmentally enshrined cultural protectionism. Don’t be expecting a U.S. remake anytime soon, because this is one film that’s going to rock the boat hard and provoke no shortage of charged post-screening discussions. Is it funny? Outrageously so, with a confrontational wit as savage as a riot squad. Based on a novel by controversial “metafiction” guru Yasutaka Tsutsui, which initially came to fruition as a joke against the popular book The Sinking Of Japan –- which was later made into a film in 1973, and then again last year (see it at Fantasia this year!). Minoru Kawasaki, the brilliant madman behind Executive Koala and The Calamari Wrestler, jumped at doing a film of The World Sinks… when the new Sinking Of Japan went into production, and he’s emerged with something more outlandish than anyone could ever have hoped for. Kawasaki has fully embraced the oddly provocative traces that appeared in his earlier films and amped them up to make an absolutely fearless, ultra-subversive social satire with a dark streak the size of an entire continent. With this film, he’s proven himself to be one of the most audacious filmmakers of his generation.

—Mitch Davis

“Hilarious… Controversial… A wild journey into outlandish satire“ – Johan Fundin, 10K BULLETS


Director: Minoru Kawasaki
Screenplay: Masakazu Migita, Minoru Kawasaki
Cast: Kenji Kohashi, Shūji Kashiwabara, Masatoshi Matsuo, Takenori Murano, Hiroshi Fujioka
Producers: Daisuke Futagi Minoru Kawasaki Masanobu Suzuki
Distributor: The Klockworx Co., Ltd.

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