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star Hosted by Writer/Director/Star BILL ZEBUB

2007 | 85 min | video
English language

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July 10th, 2007
5:00 pm
J.A. De Seve

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You wanna make some quick cash? Nothing could be easier. All you have to do is shoot a movie in which cute girls take their clothes off for the camera. Once done, you can bring your little masterpiece to sci-fi and horror conventions, where if you put your DVD in sweaty hands, they’ll put money in your pocket. To find the actresses required, offer roles to your friends, relatives and coworkers. If that doesn’t pan out, put out a casting call online. The world is full of young women ready to take their shirts off in the name of great cinematic art! As far as equipment is concerned, didn’t your neighbour get a digital camcorder for Christmas? That’ll do just fine. Just make sure you don’t bust it because it’s not like your film shoot is insured. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll quickly become an honest-to-God filmmaker, living off your art!

This is the advice imparted to Bill by a specialist in such matters. Tempted by the possibility of profits, he decides he’ll give it a go and, with two friends, jumps into the creation of a feature film called Assmonster. Despite Bill’s following the rules to the last detail, nothing works out as planned. Convincing his starlets to mactually disrobe is just one headache among many – he’s also got utter incompetents as his crew, and his girlfriend’s getting jealous. Happily for our amateur filmmaker, George Fisher of the band Cannibal Corpse comes to his rescue!

One could see Assmonster as a low-budget version of La nuit américaine, filmed in a North American suburb. The star and director Bill Zebub unwraps the secrets of the set, turning his trials and tribulations into gut-busting situations carried by a charismatic cast. Zebub’s talent for writing dialogue matches that of Kevin Smith. If you’ve ever made a film, you’ll recognize a bit of yourself in Bill, and if you’re about to embark on your virgin voyage into filmmaking, you’d do well to watch this comedy -– it’ll give you a good idea of the bedlam ahead of you.

—Simon Laperričre (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

"* * * * - One of the wittiest and smartest no budget comedies since the days of B&W Kevin Smith films. "Ass Monster" isn’t just good, or sort of good, it’s fucking GREAT." - Jeremy Knox, FILM THREAT

"Someone has finally lambasted the notoriously inept no-budget, straight-to-DVD-R horror flick. Bill Zebub's cleverly observed and hilariously self referential Ass Monster plays out like Spinal Tap for the camcorder-Coppola contingent." - Stuart "Feedback" Andrews, RUE MORGUE RADIO


Hosted by Writer/Director/Star BILL ZEBUB


Director: Bill Zebub
Screenplay: Bill Zebub
Cast: Gina Lynn Kerri Taylor Lyndsey Brown
Producers: Bill Zebub
Distributor: Music Video Distributors

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