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Hero Tomorrow
Hero Tomorrow

Canadian Premiere
star International Premiere hosted by Ted Sikora (director, co-writer, co-producer), Milo Miller (co-writer, co-producer) and Bryan Jalovec (actor)

2007 | 93 min | video
English language

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Screening Times

July 15th, 2007
12:00 pm
J.A. De Seve

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David is a struggling comic-book artist in Cleveland, whose lack of confidence and ambition stifles any chance of success he might have. He lives in a small room in the basement of the home his friend and employer Greg shares with his father. Itís in this dreary environment that he spends his evenings desperately trying to develop his comic-book creation. But when Robyn, his aspiring fashion-designer girlfriend, makes him a Halloween costume of his original character Apama, his life takes an unexpected turn. The lines between fantasy and reality start to blur as Davidís creative drive turns to obsession. Putting aside his previous existence, he devotes himself to the ideals of his fictional hero. Soon a masked mystery man is prowling the streets of Cleveland, dealing out his own brand of justice, though perhaps not with the results David had in mind. As Davidís life spirals out of control, Robyn seeks to rescue her boyfriend before his dreams turn into their nightmare.

Hero Tomorrow is a Don Quixote tale for a new age. Its message is both uplifting and cautionary. It is the first true indie film in the superhero genre, using its story to grab the viewer rather than a multi-million dollar budget. Director Ted Sikora spent three years writing the script with his co-writer Milo Miller. It was obviously a labour of love from the get-go. Deciding to do things right rather than fast, he gathered a cast with some stage and indie-film experience, formed a crew with a few long-time friends and nurtured his project with great care. The result is the darkly comic misadventures of a wannabe superhero who blunders towards disaster, and the girl who loves him. Itís an arthouse superhero romance that takes a real-world look at childhood dreams. Hero Tomorrow asks a challenging question -- what is the greater madness? To imagine yourself a superhero, or to see life as it is and not as it should be? Itís that kind of movie.

—Robert Guillemette


International Premiere hosted by Ted Sikora (director, co-writer, co-producer), Milo Miller (co-writer, co-producer) and Bryan Jalovec (actor)




Director: Ted Sikora
Screenplay: Milo Miller, Ted Sikora
Cast: Perren Hedderson Jocelyn Wrzosek Bryan Jalovec Shelley Delaney Ray McNiece
Producers: Milo Miller, Ted Sikora

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