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KM 31
KM 31

Kilómetro 31
North american Premiere

2007 | 103 min | 35mm
Spanish language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 11th, 2007
5:15 pm
Hall Theatre

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Mexico’s first horror film in over 15 years is an eerie supernatural shriek-show laced with tragedy and melancholy. Twin siblings Agata and Catalina Hameran’s many shared bonds intensified through the trauma of their mother’s death. Since that day, the sisters have been graced with an inexplicable ability to communicate without words, be it from across a room or across an ocean. One night, fate deals a brutal hand when Agata has a freak accident on the 31st kilometre of a lonely road by the forests of Mexico City. By the time of her rescue, she is in a coma. Meanwhile, Catalina felt the agony and terror her sister experienced at the exact time of her accident. And now, in spite of Agata’s comatose state, Catalina continues to feel a series of emotions and impulses. Something is very, very wrong. Is Agata screaming for help from… somewhere? A wave of frightening supernatural happenings force Catalina to investigate all aspects of the situation, bringing her to the mysterious history of the road on which her sister met with oblivion. It turns out that there have been many terrible accidents at this place over the years, none having been officially connected, all impossible to explain. All at the 31st kilometre.

After ages laying dormant, Mexican horror cinema comes bursting out of its grave with this atmospheric ghost story that interweaves several of its culture’s folklores with elements of modern J-horror and the vibe of a Spanish Jaume Balaguero film. For its foundation, writer/director Rigoberto Castañeda loosely adapted the Mexican legend of La Llorona, the weeping ghost girl, a story that has been told to children for hundreds of years, and which some claim to be based in truth. He has updated it for today’s world and infused it with a coffin load of ghoulish twists, depicted strikingly through freakish cinemascope visuals. His key casting choice was an interesting one, and Mexican soap opera star Iliana Fox reinvents herself with a dual performance as both Hameran sisters, going places one can safely presume were never called for in her popular television work. KM31 opened in Mexico on 228 screens this past February, a large and prestigious release for a horror film in that country, and audiences were thoroughly creeped out of their skulls. We are happy to be among the first festivals to bring it out into the rest of the world.

—Mitch Davis




Director: Rigoberto Castañeda
Screenplay: Rigoberto Castañeda
Cast: Iliana Fox Adrià Collado Raúl Méndez
Producers: Julio Fernández, Bill Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar
Distributor: Filmax

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