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star New 35mm print! The screening is dedicated to the memory of André Pépin (1927-2007), in memory of his efforts for Montreal repertory cinema

1979 | 163 min | 35mm
Russian language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 12th, 2007
6:30 pm
J.A. De Seve
July 16th, 2007
1:30 pm
Hall Theatre

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Stalker is based on the classic science-fiction novel by the Strugatsky brothers (Boris and Arkadi), Roadside Picnic, about aliens that landed briefly on earth and left behind artifacts of their advanced civilization. The area where the aliens landed, called the Zone, has been declared off-limits by the government and is illegal to enter. As a result of the alien visitation, normal laws of physics do not apply, making the area a minefield of perceptual illusions, booby traps and shifting geography, with each step harbouring a potentially life-threatening danger. Legend has it, however, that nestled within the danger-ridden Zone is a room where one’s deep inner wishes are granted. The titular character of the Stalker, who lives in a squalid apartment with his wife and mutant daughter, is a trained guide for people willing to risk their life to reach this wish-fulfilling room. Two such people have enlisted his services, a writer and a scientist. They meet at a bar and set off on their illicit journey to the Zone. For these two weathered-looking men, stripped of their self-confidence, faith and ability to love, the room represents, perhaps, their final hope in life. But will they have the courage to enter the wish-fulfilling room? And what, indeed, are their motivations for going there?

Stalker is structured as a metaphysical “road movie” that explores philosophical questions about the relationship between art and science, and the place of faith in an increasingly secular and materialistic world. Stalker has little of the usual science-fiction trappings, and is more interested in the sociological implications of advanced technology, in this case in the context of the rigid Communist politics and bureaucracy that existed behind the Iron Curtain. Seen from today’s perspective, it is also one of the first films to treat the toll of materialism and over 40 years of Soviet Communism on the environment. Seeing Stalker on 35mm is a rarity which should not be missed, largely because Tarkovsky’s subtle aesthetic manipulations of sound and image -- the ambient electronic music and sound effects, shifts in colour, tone, light and movement -- can only be really appreciated on film. One thing is certain -- if you enter the Zone with all of your senses primed and ready, you will be rewarded with a mesmerizing, meditative, trance-inducing experience.

—Donato Totaro


New 35mm print! The screening is dedicated to the memory of André Pépin (1927-2007), in memory of his efforts for Montreal repertory cinema


Director: Andrei Tarkovsky
Screenplay: Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky
Cast: Aleksandr Kajdanovsky Alisa Frejndlikh Anatoli Solonitsyn Nikolai Grinko Natasha Abramova
Producers: Aleksandra Demidova
Distributor: Seagull Films

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