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Toilet Lady
Toilet Lady

World Premiere

2007 | 20 min | video
Italian language, English subtitles

Screening Times

July 12th, 2007
5:00 pm
Hall Theatre

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If you see a girl’s number scribbled above a toilet, it’s usually best not to call. Not always, but usually. In this whacked-out Italian jaw-dropper, one man roles the dice, dials the number and goes out on a “romantic” encounter that will scar him for life, in more ways that one. Oh, to be young and not-remotely-in-love!

—Mitch Davis


Director: Alberto Viavattene
Cast: Massimiliano Sciacca Angelo Donzella Mario Cellini Diana Dell'Erba
Producers: Alberto Viavattene
Distributor: Alberto Viavattene

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