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International Premiere

2007 | 100 min | video
Japanese language, English subtitles

Screening Times

July 11th, 2007
7:15 pm
J.A. De Seve

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893239, aka Yakuza-Nijusan-Ku (“Yakuza in 23 wards of Tokyo”), is an omnibus of short films with the particular theme of yakuza, or Japanese gangsters, made by various directors (all of whom got involved through word of mouth). Working within a budget limit of 100,000 yen per film, the filmmakers, both amateur and professional, run the gamut of approaches, from broad comedy to tearjerking pathos, from music video to mockumentary. Fantasia offers a selection of 13 of the best shorts from this series –- previously doled out in bits on YouTube, now it can be enjoyed as it was intended.

Ikebukuro Violence Zone - Elevated Passageway of Man: A cop takes down a yakuza man after a gun battle. The two head for the station, and find unexpected common ground. Directed by Atsushi Muroga

Beyond the Forest of the Man: A gunman meets his match in a bloody, drug-fueled corpse who won't stay dead. Starring Taisei Miyamoto; written and directed by Hijiri Taketomi; produced by Junya Okabe

Hooligan Is Beautiful: A young criminal makes his first ritual kill, and his last... Starring Ryo K, MF Gatsby; directed by Gaspard Kuentz.

Yakuza's Delivery: A gangster, banished from the gangs, is delivered in a box to the home of a young couple. The neighbours react badly. Directed by Noriaki Sugihara.

Inferno: A cop promises to follow his prey to the depths of hell. He isn't kidding. Directed by Tatsuro Koike.

Blues of Koenji: A gangster sings a karaoke lament on the sad life of the yakuza man. Directed by Yukitomo Tochino.

Shinjuku Park: A gangster and his protégé spend a lazy afternoon fishing. They get a bite... Directed by Junya Okabe.
No Border, No 893: A man vigilantly guards a border crossing. A team of stripe-shirted gangsters think they can muscle their way past... Directed by Ken Furusawa.

What Is This...: A mob thug beats up a mark, and gets on the subway, thinking that his work is done... Directed by Kenji Yokoi.

Dai Chan: Dai Chan heads for the big city to join the yakuza. The woman he loves pays him a visit, brother in tow, but a gesture of honour has already doomed him... Directed by Ryushi Mizukami.

Today Event: A mob driver gets an unexpected visit from his mother. An awkward lunchtime ensues. Directed by Imao Kagawa.

Last Call - The Final Times: An escort and her driver, expatriates in America. She's hooked on drugs, he dreams of escape. Starring Cooper Yamashita, Yuma Nakamura; written and directed by Satoshi Nakagawa; produced by Koji Tsujimoto.

Local Industry of Sumida: An educational film about the Sumida district, its dyes, its tradition of tatooing, its yakuza. Directed by Yoshiaki Tago.

—Mark Carpenter




Director: various
Screenplay: various
Cast: Taisei Miyamoto Ryo K MF Gatsby Cooper Yamashita Yuma Nakamura
Producers: Koji Tsujimoto

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