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Dasepo Naughty Girls
Dasepo Naughty Girls

Dasepo sonyo
Canadian Premiere
star Best Art Direction at the 27th Blue Dragon Awards

2006 | 103 min | video
Korean language, English subtitles

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Screening Times

July 7th, 2007
4:30 pm
Hall Theatre
July 8th, 2007
2:15 pm
J.A. De Seve

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Welcome to No Use High School, kids. If you put your political persuasion down as “incorrect” and have a high tolerance for crazy comedy and bizarre phenomena, twisted romance and weird sex, you’ll probably fit in fine here. Crash courses in every religion known to man are on the curriculum. Spectacular song and dance numbers are liable to break out at any given moment, complete with karaoke lyrics. Sexually transmitted diseases seem to hit everyone in class (except for Cyclops, the kid with one eye in the middle of his face), and the teacher the one getting his rear end whipped –- and begging for more! The school’s cutest, richest hunk, the one that Poverty Girl has a crush on, is torn by his desire for Cyclops’ transgendered sibling, while shame-ridden Poverty Girl is strongarmed into being the best friend of Big Razor Sis, a hulking mobster with a penchant for Sailor Moon suits and girl talk. And something mysterious, maybe even evil, seems to be going on behind the principal’s office door.

For his fourth feature, Untold Story director Lee Jae-yong brings his signature blend of broken taboos and top-notch production values to a cinematic adaptation of the immensely popular, rambunctiously sexual Internet comic strip Dasepo sonyo (“multi-cell girl”). The deliriously campy, musically-charged teen comedy opens on a series of rapid-fire gag sketches before focusing on the miseries of Poverty Girl, played by the undeniably cute Kim Ok-bin of The Voice, and injects both complexity and extra absurdity into its various characters before culminating in a climax of sheer madness. Beyond just looking fabulous while getting good and raunchy, Dasepo Naughty Girls recalls the wisdom of John Waters, that bad taste can have the best of intentions, as it playfully skewers the conformism and sexual conservatism of Korean society.

—Rupert Bottenberg

“Drenched with camp craziness and packed with off-the-wall musical numbers, making for a viewing experience that is strangely innocent and sweet considering its constant taboo-baiting” – James Mudge, BEYOND HOLLYWOOD


Best Art Direction at the 27th Blue Dragon Awards




Director: E J-yong
Screenplay: J-yong E
Cast: Kim Ok-Bin Park Jin-Woo Lee Kyeon
Producers: Ahn Dong-gyu
Distributor: Mirovision

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