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Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Fantasia film festival.

If you’re a festival regular, flipping through this program, you’ll have surely noticed how much larger it is than last year’s. This should offer physical proof of one of the most important developments at the festival this year. We have decided, in fact, to offer you a selection of feature films that has jumped in number, from 90 in 2006 to 130 this summer, as well as 22 short-film programs, of which 10 are exclusively dedicated to local filmmakers.

This impressive expansion is an indication of the important changes that have occurred in the last few years in film production, both domestically and internationally. The spectacular evolution of the technology for both production and distribution has given an ever-growing number of creators all over the world the means to produce and present their work to an increasingly vast audience.

The domestic film industry of certain countries, Japan and South Korea for instance, now accounts for more than 50 per cent of tickets purchased at the cinemas of these countries, which until recently favoured the films of the big American studios. Here in Quebec, we are likewise witnessing an unprecedented surge in interest for local productions. The enthusiasm shown by tens of thousands for the Fantasia festival, year after year, are in direct relation to the ever-increasing quality of these films.

We believe this trend will only continue to grow over the coming years, which heralds an exciting future for our festival. This is also reflected in the increasing support we receive from our partners at both the corporate and government levels. I’ll take this opportunity to thank the government of Quebec, which brings us a much appreciated support through agencies such as the Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and SODEC as well. The contribution of the city of Montreal should also be noted.

Finally, I’d like to thank the entire festival team – the programmers, the print-traffic coordinators, the publicists, the volunteers, the cinema employees, the projectionists, and the writing and design teams who worked on this program, the website and the various elements of our promotional campaign. I’d also like to thank Cossette Communications Marketing (our official agency 2007) and La Fabrique d’images ) for the second consecutive year, our official production house), as well as all those who’ve worked on our television and print-media promotional campaign.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer – Bon festival!

Pierre Corbeil
Festival Director and President

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