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Asian Films Resonate As Ever in FantAsia.

Bonjour tout le monde,

Dear Friends,

Fantasia is back!

We miss your laughter and cheers. FantAsia is where we meet and mingle together.

The Fantasia festival, since its creation in 1996, has opened the door to new perspectives in genre cinema, and there has been particular emphasis on Asian films. This year we proudly present to you over 60 feature and 22 short films from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Each country's offerings show emphasis on their individual distinguishing features. For instance, the trends of moody, unvarnished drama in Hong Kong, dark comedy and musical numbers in Korea, complex psychological chills from Japan, and the resurrection of classic martial arts fun in Thailand.

Among the many new faces from Asia, the work of familiar directors will also be featured, from the neo-noir of Hong Kong's Johnnie To and the heavy atmospherics of Oxide Pang, to the extreme Japanese thrillers of Takashi Miike, Shinya Tsukamoto and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Ryu Seung-wan and Kim Ki-duk, the mavericks of Korean cinema, are featured, as are Korea's new "enfants terribles," including Han Jai-rim, a guest this year, whose The Show Must Go On stars Song kan-ho of The Host.

The cutting-edge Japanese anime Tekkon Kinkreet opens the festival, while Korea represents in animation with the wild and original Aachi & Ssipak. Also, Fantasia this year showcases the amazing documentaries of Yves Montmayeur, which showcase the work of Christopher Doyle, Takashi Miike and more, as well as a look at the brief Taiwanese exploitation boom of the '80s (the documentary Taiwan Black Movies, backed by the very rare Lady Avenger). Also keep and eye out for the extensive selection of exciting short films from Asia, including a special Korean block, as well as Yellow Fellas, a very DIY film shot in Montreal that pokes sharp fun at the Asian-Canadian experience.

FantAsia rises to prominence with its fabulous audience, dedicated volunteers and tireless organizers. Once again, we acknowledge all participating professionals who are Fantasia’s principal filmmakers, distributors and sponsors. Without these, we would not be able to share the laughter, drama, and sheer entertainment with you.

The 11th FantAsia is yours to enjoy!

Mi-Jeong Lee,
Co-Director of Asian Programming

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