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     infliction films
Ain't It Cool
American Cinematographer
American Widescreen Museum
Antonella Fulci's CineXtreme
Arrow in the Head
Asian Cult Cinema
AstroneF (French)
Avant-Garde / Experimental Film Web Ring
BadAzz MoFo
Box Office Magazine
Bright Lights Film Journal
C.H.U.D.; Cinematic Happenings Under Development
Cahiers Du Cinema (French)
Canadian Cult Films
Cashiers Du Cinemart
Cavalcade Of Schlock (hysterical exploitation film reviews)
Cinétrange (French)
Cine Fantastico (Spanish)
Cineaste Magazine
Cinema Scope
Cinema Sewer
Cinema XS; The Legal Fate Of The Exploitation Film In Britain
Club Des Monstres (French)
Creature Corner
Cult Cuts
Cult Movies Magazine
Culture Vulture
Cyber Film School
Czech Experimental Cinema
Dark Horizons
Dark Waters; Forgotten Films On The Fringe
Deep Focus
Deep Red; The Official Chas Balun Website
Diabolical Dominion
Digital Bits
Disaster Online - The Comprehensive Disaster Movie Site
Drew's Script-o-rama
Drive-Ins Down Under
DVD Basen
DVD Drive-In
DVD Maniacs
Ebert Online
Eccentric Cinema
Ecran Noire (French)
Editors Net; The Daily Film & Video Editing Resource
Estreia Online (Portuguese)
Euro Trash Film Zone
Experimental Films
Exploitation Journal / Cinefear
FAB Press; Quality Cinema Publications
Fangoria Magazine
Film Comment Magazine
Film Quarterly
Film Restoration Essays By Robert A. Harris
Film Sound Design, Film Sound Theory
Film Tech Projectionist Forum
Film Threat
Filmfax Magazine
Filmmaker Magazine
Flesh & Blood Magazine
Forrest J. Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
Franchement Cinema (French)
From Atoms To Apocalypse - Film And The Nuclear Issue
Full Alert Film Review
Get ABKO To Release Jodorowsky's Films!
Ghoul Britannia; A Celebration Of British Horror Films
Giallo Cinema
Gorezone Daily Horror News
Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
Hilarious Story About Lawrence Tierney's surprise appearance at the American Cinematheque!
History Of 16mm Film Collecting
Hollywood Reporter
Home Theater Forum
Hong Kong Digital
Hong Kong Film Net
How To Avoid Distribution Hell
Images, A Journal Of Film & Popular Culture
In Focus
International Cinematographer's Guild (features interviews with D.P.s from across the globe)
Internet Adult Movie Database
Internet Mondo Movie Database
Internet Movie Database
Interview With Pete Tombs
Japanese Horror Movie Database
JoBlo's movie Emporium
Joe Bob Briggs
Jump Cut
Kamera Journal
Kerozene's Horror Poster Gallery
Kino Eye; Film In The New Europe
Korean Film
Kung Fu Cult Cinema
Last Drive-In On The Left
Latarnia: Fantastique International
Le Petit Monde Des Films Francais
Macaroni Westerns; Spaghetti Westerns In Japan
Mad Movies (French)
Melon Farmers Censorship Watch
Metasex Magazine; A History Of Smut Films And The NYC Grindhouses That Ran Them
Micro Film Unbound
Midnight Eye; The Latest And Best In Japanese Cinema
Missing Link Classic Horror Movies
Mobius Home Video Forum (if you only bookmark one site this year…)
Mondo Digital
Mondo Erotico - The films of Franco, Metzger & Borowczyk
Motion Picture Film Printing
Movie Gimmicks
Movie Mistakes; An Ultimate Directory Of Filmic Flubs And Errors
Movie-Trailers.Com; The Trailer Park
Moviemaker Magazine
Neon Madness
Newspaper Movie Ad Archive
Nikkatsu Action Lounge
Nocturno (Italian)
Noir City
Offscreen / Hors Champ
Psychotronic Video
Qui Fait Quoi (French)
Red Scare Films
Reel Screen
Rogue Cinema
Rue Morgue Magazine
Santo And Friends
Scarlet Street Magazine
Screem Magazine
ScreenShot Magazine (German)
Screenwriter's Utopia
Secret Scroll Digest
Senses Of Cinema
Sex And Guts Magazine
Sex Gore Mutants
Shivers Magazine
Shock Cinema Magazine
Shocking Images
Sight And Sound Magazine
Silent Movies
Sinister Tales
Skinema - Dermatology In The Cinema (!)
Sky-High Picture Show
Sleazoid Express
Small Films
Snubdom (Rick Trembles)
So Sweet So Perverse; Italian Cult Movies
Spliced Wire
Stomp Tokyo
Synopsis; Indie Film Production (French-English)
Talking Pictures
Thai Movies Online
The Dark Side Magazine
The Encyclopedia Of Women In Prison Films
The File Room Censorship Archive
Trash City
Trash Times (French)
Ultra Violent Magazine
Upcoming Movies.com
Urban Cinefile; The World Of Film In Australia
Video Crypt
Vintage Movie Poster Art
Weird World Of 70's Cinema
Zombie Girls.Net
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