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July 25th, 2006 22:22:00
The Big Winner, Behind The Mask: the Rise Of Leslie Vernon

Élie Castiel, rédacteur en chef de Séquences
Élie Castiel, rédacteur en chef de Séquences
Yves Rivard de l'Écran Fantastique
Yves Rivard de l'Écran Fantastique

The noted French-Canadian magazine Séquences associated itself with Fantasia to present their Séquences Award for the best film among the European/South American/North American selection. Mr. Élie Castiel, editor-in-chief of Séquences, was the president of the jury for this prize. The journalists Dominique Bouchard, Luc Chaput and Ismaël Houdassine were the members of this jury.

Séquences Award:
BEHIND THE MASK : THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON - Scott Glosserman (United States)

Armed with a certain maturity and a deep understanding of genre film mythologies, the young director and scriptwriter Scott Glosserman offered an intelligent and effective deconstruction of modern American horror films. Honest and without pretension, this winning film also proved to be highly entertaining. The film director quotes without imitating and dexterously varies the narrative levels.

The L’Écran Fantastique Award is awarded to the American film BEHIND THE MASK : THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON from writer/director Scott Glosserman. Thanks to his brilliant direction that allies mockumentary techniques, bent conventions of traditional slasher films and irony, BEHIND THE MASK reveals itself a gem aimed at both horror-film aficionados and a wide mainstream public. This award also underlines the excellent performances of the actors Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals and Robert Englund, all brilliant and delicious in their respective roles.

The L'Écran Fantastique Award acknowledges fantasy, horror or science-fiction feature films produced in 2004 or 2005 and presented during the Fantasia Festival. The prize is comprised of a 5- to 6-colour-page article in a near-future edition of the magazine, along with a free full-page advertisment when the film is released in theatres or on video in France. L'Écran Fantastique, which has existed for more than 36 years, has a monthly print run of 98,000 copies and is distributed in the following territories: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Canada (Quebec), Morocco and Germany. Its head office is in Paris, the editor-in-chief is Alain Schlockoff and its Canada correspondant is Yves Rivard. L'Écran Fantastique differentiates itself with its high standards in editing and its high-quality visual presentation.

Marc Lamothe
Directeur du marketing et des communications

photo: Pierre Roussel

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