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July 25th, 2006 21:32:00
A tenth edition crowned with successes

photo: Pierre Roussel
photo: Pierre Roussel
Jury 2006
Jury 2006

The Fantasia International Film Festival is extremely proud to have offered a film event of international breadth to more than 77, 000 attendees. Impressive and varied programming, as well as the unshakeable enthusiasm of an ever-growing adult audience, contributed to elevating Fantasia to both a critical and popular success. This tenth edition was notably marked by the participation of a record number of prestigious guests, originating from the four corners of the globe (notably Russia, Japan, England, Denmark, the United States and Canada). Directors, producers, actors, representatives of various studios, distributors, program planners of international film festivals and foreign journalists participated in these 18 days of cinematic celebration.

The Quebec and Canadian movies were notably honoured this year with the presentation of nine Canadian feature films such as the long-awaited advance screening of GOOD COP BAD COP (Érik Canuel) and the world premiere of THE DESCENDANT (Philippe Spurrell), as well as a record number of short films (some 70 Canadian or Quebec shorts) presented within several thematic programs (14 different short-film blocs this year) or opening for specific feature films.

Our tribute to the New Wave of British Horror Cinema, our sampling of genre trends in modern Russian cinema and our tribute to Contemporary Stop-Motion Auteur Cinema all saw lively successes, while the quality and the variety of our overall programming were able, again this year, to raise the enthusiasm of the film buffs to stellar proportions. The premiere presentations of the works of international filmmakers such as Michael J. Basset, Stuart Gordon, Werner Herzog, Tsui Hark, Toru Matsuura, Lucky McKee, Neil Marshall, Takashi Miike, Mitsuru Meike, David Moreau, Robert Morgan, Billy O’Brien, Xavier Palud, the Pang Brothers, Nicolas Winding Refn, Wisit Sasanatieng, Gary Sherman, Sion Sono, Chris Sivertson, Jan Svankmajer and Kim Ji-Woon re-affirm the strong artistic dynamic that has made Fantasia a celebrated and unique event on the North American festival landscape.

The organizers of the festival also are very proud of the success of their outdoor projections in Parc de la Paix during the Fantasia Under the Stars screenings. This project is the result of the partnership between the City of Montreal, the SAT, Belle Gueule and Concept Audio Visuel. The organizers of the festival are understandably eager to renew this experience for their 11th edition.

Marc Lamothe
Directeur du marketing et des communications

Erik Canuel président d'honneur du festival

Lucky McKee

Stuart Gordon

Michael J. Basset

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