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July 21st, 2006 10:15:00
The Last Weekend of the 2006 Edition of Fantasia Ends on a Strong Note

la première de deux représentation du Traditionnel show DJ XL5
la première de deux représentation du Traditionnel show DJ XL5
le film Coréen Typhoon, un suspense policier à voir absolument
le film Coréen Typhoon, un suspense policier à voir absolument

It is already the last weekend for this year, but no need to fret because we have an awesome week ahead, and it starts today.

What genre do you prefer? Extreme? Martial arts? Comedies? Dark storytelling? Westerns? Science fiction? Fantasy films? Thrillers? Historic movies? Comics? All of these genres will be at the rendezvous in this week’s hardy, inventive and sometimes disconcerting program. Un film, genre… is offered to you tomorrow at 15h in the J.A. De Sève room. Immediately following will be the surprising Arthouse Ultraman, showing for the second time at the festival, regrouping some of the most talented moviemakers in Japan: Akiro Jissoji, Takeshi Yagi and Takashi Miike. In the past 10 years, Ultraman has never missed out on one edition of Fantasia Film Festival. So, if you have never experienced an adventure with Ultraman, here is your chance.

The everlasting wait is over, you can now go see what has become a tradition at Fantasia for three years now. In fact, around 17h15 will be the starting time of DJ XL5’s Zappin’ Party Cavalcade, the first of the two very different montages. For a good two hours, he will exhibit a few of the most unusual short films of the past months. Come earlier because firstly, you want to make sure you’ll have a good seat, and secondly, you want to make it in time for It’s Refreshment, shown in the first part.

You can barely catch your breath today because after DJ XL5, you have the occasion to see Typhoon, from Korea, a must-see suspense. On the other side of the street, however, you have a North-American premiere; the French movie, Résonnances, will be showing at 19h30.

Around 21h, you have three possibilities! You could go meet the American director, Eric Nicholas, for he will be presenting his latest feature film, Alone With Her. If rather have a gore movie, the British Council presents Evil Aliens, in the setting for Bloody Blighty: The New Wave of British Horror Cinema. However, if you have not been Fantasia Under the Stars, we strongly recommend you to go see the German film, Night of the Living Dorks. The movie will be shown for free at the Parc de la Paix (Boul. Saint-Laurent between Sainte-Catherine and René-Lévesque).

To end the last Friday on a enjoyable note this year, the organizers have invited the American director, Graeme Whifler, to present his latest picture, Neighborhood Watch, for the first time in Canada. It is equally possible for you to see the Quebec movie, The Order of One, in the setting of the event Deep Night DIY. There are hard decisions to make, but no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a success.

Eric S. Boisvert
Contamination Magazine

Neighborhood Watch with director Graeme Whifler

Night of the Living Dorks vous est présenté outdoors in the
Parc de la Paix on boulevard Saint-Laurent
between Sainte-Catherine and boulevard René-Lévesque.

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