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July 20th, 2006 11:00:00
Reruns, World Premiere and Special Guests

Reincarnation du réalisateur japonais Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On)
Reincarnation du réalisateur japonais Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On)
The Descendant en présence du réalisateur Philippe Spurrell
The Descendant en présence du réalisateur Philippe Spurrell

Today, you will have the chance to see certain movies that you might’ve missed. We start the day with a movie from the Philippines, The Echo (Sigaw), which will be your last chance to see the original version before the American remake. You may also see the British movie Broken playing for the second time, part of Bloody Blighty: The New Wave of British Horror Cinema. It is with great pleasure that Philip Chidel will present for the second time at the festival his feature film, Subject Two.

Another director that is coming to talk about his picture later on this afternoon is the Canadian Philippe Spurrell, who will present his piece of work that took him four years to make. It is the world premiere of his first feature film entitled The Descendant. Once the movie is over, he will gladly answer any of your questions. This will be an ideal occasion for any young moviemakers to learn how to succeed making a genre movie here in Quebec without the help of the government. Another premiere is scheduled, that is, Shadowboxing, a Russian action film full of surprises.

We end the night with the visit of the young American director, Eric Nicholas, who is here to present Alone With Her for the first time in Canada to the Montreal audience. In addition, we are showing Takashi Shimizu’s (Ju-on) latest creation, Reincarnation. Come on down tonight for an evening full of discoveries

Eric S. Boisvert
Contamination Magazine

Alone With Her, Hosted By Director Eric Nicholas

Subject Two, Hosted By Director Philip Chidel

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