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July 19th, 2006 09:47:00
International Guests and Premieres, of which Svankmajer’s Latest

Le réalisateur danois Nicolas Winding Refn présentera Pusher 3
Le réalisateur danois Nicolas Winding Refn présentera Pusher 3
Gary Sherman présentera 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane
Gary Sherman présentera 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane

New releases, Canadian premieres, reruns and international guests are in the program today for an unforgettable day.

We start the 14th day of the festival with none other than Gary Sherman. We will come to present a href="http://fantasiafestival.com/2006/en/films/film_detail.php?id=25"> 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane. This will be a unique occasion for you to meet the man behind Dead & Buried and Raw Meat. You will also have the chance see Storm, winner of the Audience Award at the 2005 Stockholm Film Festival.

With Bloody Blighty: The New Wave of British Horror Cinema, the British Council has already impressed us, they will follow in the same line with Broken, by director Simon Boyes and Adam Mason, premiering in Canada.

The man that brought you the animated masterpieces, Alice, Faust and Little Otik, is back later today. Jan Svankmajer’s latest, Lunacy, will be showed at 19h30 in the Hall building as a Canadian premiere.

If you enjoy short films, you should not miss the program, Prends Ça Court! Carter Smith and Harmony Korine highlight this year's Prends Ça Court! selection at Fantasia! The Sundance and Cannes short film sensation Bugcrush, by Carter Smith, will haunt you for quite some time. Harmony Korine presents The Aluminum Fowl by James Clauer, ringing you a disturbing look at rural America. There is in total 9 shorts presented for the first time in Montreal.

Come and discover the 2006 7th Orbit Award winner at the Brussels International Film Festival, The Echo (Sigaw), from the Philippines. It is a golden opportunity to see the original version of this movie, because Stephen Susco is actually writing the scenario for an eventual American adaptation.

During the festival, we have received many international guests. Today, it will be the Danish director, Nicolas Winding Refn. Refn, who brought us Bleeder, Fear X and Pusher 1 & 2, will be stopping by the Hall Theater at 22h to present for the first time in Montreal the last piece to his trilogy, Pusher 3. Forget about pictures with the Italian mafia, the Chinese triads or the Yakuzas, Pusher is clearly in its own class. Nicolas Winding Refn will gladly answer to all questions afterwards.

Eric S. Boisvert
Contamination Magazine

Lunacy, last movie by Jan Svankmajer

the_echo.jpg The Echo (Sigaw), from the Phillippines premiering in canada

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