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July 18th, 2006 11:10:00
July 18th: Not to be Missed

Viy en présence de l’historien et restaurateur russe Alla Verlotsky
Viy en présence de l’historien et restaurateur russe Alla Verlotsky
The Kovak Box en première mondiale
The Kovak Box en première mondiale

Today, many special guests are coming to visit us. You will be able to redeem yourself with the second showing of a few pictures, witness a world premiere, and discover the new 35mm print of a Russian classic.

The Thai movie, Scared, and the Korean picture, Sunday Seoul, enter the festival today. The American movie, Blood Tea and Red String, is completely sold out for the second time. The Spanish movie, The Kovak Box, will be showing for the absolute first time, so be the first ones to see it. On the website, you can read a message posted by the director himself, Daniel Monzon, to the Fantasia audience.

For the second time this week, we are showing Mike Mendez’s latest film, The Gravedancers. After the movie, Mendez will be staying to take your questions. Just like Mendez, another American director will be dropping by. Philip Chidel will present his latest feature, Subject Two, at 19h40. There will be a Q&A session for him as well.

We are offering you a unique opportunity tonight at the J.A. De Sève Theater, with Russian historian and preservationist, Alla Verlotsy, who is coming to present a brand new 35mmm copy of the 1967 Russian masterpiece, Viy. Following the movie, you’ll have the chance to learn a little more on conservation methods and movie preservation in general. Do not miss out on this learning experience!

Eric S. Boisvert

Philip Chidel will present Subject Two

The Gravedancers Hosted by director Mike Mendez

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