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July 16th, 2006 11:06:00
Today : World Premieres and International Guests

Normand England présentera The idole
Normand England présentera The idole
Gary Sherman présentera son dernier long-métrage 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane
Gary Sherman présentera son dernier long-métrage 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane

For the second week Of Fantasia Film Festival, we will present today three world premieres and also welcome many special guests. We will be showing short films, reruns and many others left to be discovered, so come on down and watch some movies!

We will present the second edition of Québec DIY this afternoon, that is, the English short films of the competition. So have a glimpse at our future artists before everyone else at 14h30. A few other precious gems for you to discover are the first episodes of Mirror Man’s adventures, preceding Quebec DIY.

Many premieres are on the menu today: Train Man : Densha Otoko and Blood Tea and Red String are both playing for the first time in Canada, while Junk will be premiering internationally. Joseph Bakshiev (producer) and Denis Neimand (director), who will be in the crowd for the occasion, will be watching over carefully.

Other special guests are awaited for the festivities. Normand England came straight from Japan to present his movie The iDol , premiering world wide. Following will be Negadon : The Monster From Mars and the very exciting Sukeban Boy. Gary Sherman has the privilege to close off this weekend with his feature, 39 : A Film By Carroll McKane, premiering world wide. Once his movie is over, there will be a Q&A, for those who are interested. A golden opportunity to meet the legendary director of the Dead & Buried.

Eric S Boisvert
Contamination Magazine


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