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July 16th, 2006 10:45:00
A Few Renowned Guests are Visiting the Festival

en présence de Mike Mendez
en présence de Mike Mendez
Tony Timpone, éditeur du magazine Fangoria
Tony Timpone, éditeur du magazine Fangoria

Anyone who saw The Convent in 2000 were in line eagerly waiting Mike Mendez’s latest feature film. Their patience was rewarded last night with the showing of Gravedancers and the American director himself, who was there to present his movie. Tony Timpone, co-director of Fantasia’s international movie listing and the editor of Fangoria magazine hosted the questions and answers following the show. A second showing of the movie is scheduled on Tuesday.

Earlier today, cartoonist and illustrator, Jim Woodring, came to present is the sole screening of The Visions of Jim Woodring to the contentment of the fans. The crowd had the opportunity to purchase many of the artist’s books, which he gladly autographed.

Finally, the director, Takeshi Yagi, presented Arthouse Ultraman, consisting of four episodes with the famous Japanese hero. Interesting fact: Ultraman was part of Fantasia every single year, all ten years of them. He will be back on Friday to give everyone another chance to witness his achievements.

Nicolas Archambault
Contamination Magazine

le bédéiste et illustrateur Jim Woodring

il s’est généreusement livré à une séance de dédicaces

Le réalisateur Takeshi Yagi présentait Arthouse Ultraman

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