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July 12th, 2006 15:46:00
A Successful Launch for FAB Press

White of the Eye, suivi du lancement du livre
White of the Eye, suivi du lancement du livre "Donald Cammell : A Life on the Wild Side"

Fantasia Film Festival welcomed special guests FAB Press and Sam Umland yesterday for the launch of the book, Donald Cammell: A Life On The Wild Side. It was possible for the people who attended to buy the book a couple of days before the official launching date. Furthermore, there was a rare 35mm archival print of White of the Eye that played for the audience, sponsored by FAB Press.

Following the show, Sam Umland gladly answered the audience's questions. He even took a little of their time to share a few anecdotes relating to the movie to then finish up with a series of dedications.

I f you've missed it yesterday, do not fret, because he will repeat the experience later on during the festival, notably on the 13th of July. Moreover, you can always buy a copy of his book at the FAB Press stand located in the Hall Theater entrance until the end of the festival.

Eric S. Boisvert

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