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July 11th, 2006 12:25:00
July 11th: Not to be Missed

White of the Eye, suivi du lancement du livre <br />
White of the Eye, suivi du lancement du livre
"Donald Cammell : A Life on the Wild Side"
Black Kiss, en premičre nord américaine
Black Kiss, en premičre nord américaine

Today, Portugal will make its official entry in the festival with Bad Blood, directed by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra. This terrifying suspense, presented for the first time in North America at the Hall Theater around 19h30, was the opening movie for this year’s Fantasporto Festival. Following Bad Blood will be The Art of Figthing, presented by Belle Gueule. This movie was directed by the Korean, Shin Han-sol, and stars Beak Yun-shik, which you might remember from the brilliant Save the Green Planet two years ago.

If you’ve missed Simon Rumley’s appearance at the festival yesterday, here is the chance to redeem yourself with the second showing of his movie, The Living and the Dead, playing later this afternoon.

Around 21h30 tonight, for those who sometimes feel nostalgic, there will be a projection of Donald Cammell’s masterpiece, ) White Of The Eye, with one of the rare 35 mm copies (Donald Cammell sadly passed away on the 24th of April of 2006). There will be a special presentation, brought to you by FAB Press, of Donal Cammell: A Life on the Wild Side, hosted by the co-authors, Sam and Rebecca Umland.

Make sure not to miss out on the North American premiere of Black Kiss, as well as Azumi 2 : Love or Death and Lost in Wu Song, both playing for a second time here at the festival.

Eric S. Boisvert

The Art of Figthing

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