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July 9th, 2006 11:23:00
Lucky McKee and several premieres are offered to filmgoers

The Woods, présence du réalisateur Lucky McKee
The Woods, présence du réalisateur Lucky McKee
Azumi 2 : Love Or Death, première canadienne
Azumi 2 : Love Or Death, première canadienne

Today, Hong Kong will be honored. Thanks to Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada), Dirty Ho will be playing for the second time, and for the first time in Canada, we will be showing A Chinese Tall Story, preceded by the short film Take 10. Later tonight, Agan will present his latest piece, Tape Number 31.

The Japanese make themselves noticed today, thanks to the much-awaited sequel to Azumi, Azumi 2 : Love Or Death, presented as a Canadian premiere. Later today, we will also present you Katsuhito Ishii’s latest movie, Funky Forest : the First Contact. We would like to remind you that Katsuhito Ishii’s very memorable Taste of Tea won many prizes last year.

Who better to close a jam-packed day than Lucky McKee? He will present his latest picture, The Woods, as a North American premiere. Filmed in Montreal, The Woods stars Bruce Campbell and includes many Montreal artists in front and behind the camera.

For your enjoyment, Fantasia’s programmers offer you a few reruns. Please consult the schedule for more details.

Another filled day for you movie-lovers.

Eric S Boisvert

Tape Number 31, présence du réalisateur Agan

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